West Nile Warnings in NW Tarrant County

The city of Fort Worth released information the other day regarding mosquito born West Nile Virus.

It seems at a local fire station in the Sendera Ranch area, mosquitoes carrying the virus were caught.

No human cases have been reported to date.

It’s important for local residents to check around their homes for any standing water. Keep any ponds on your property well maintained, as well as swimming pools. Gutters, old tires, unused flower pots can harbor just enough water for mosquitos to lay eggs, too.

We always have had good luck using Mosquito Dunks in any places where we couldn’t remove the water. In a place or two on our property, the ground itself stays swampy for several days after a big rain. Tossing a Mosquito Dunk in that area helps. Purchase Mosquito Dunks at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s. They are not expensive.

Use an inspect repellant with DEET when you go out. Especially at dawn and dusk when the little critters are most active. Consider wearing lightweight long sleeves and pants for better protection.

One of my cousins contracted WNV (the virus form is the harshest from) a couple of years ago. He was quite ill and to this day has some lingering health issues from that virus. Around our family, we take mosquito protection seriously.

I hope you will as well.

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