Does the Real Estate Market in Fort Worth Die in September?

Does the Real Estate Market in Fort Worth die in September? Haslet Homes for Sale, Fort Worth Homes for Sale
That was the question a lady asked me yesterday.
‘Absolutely not!’ was my reply.

In fact, although there may be fewer buyers out shopping for homes for sale in the fall, they are serious buyers. Many of them have as their goal to *be settled* in a new place before the holidays arrive. In addition, the softer temperatures make it more pleasant to go from house to house. Instead of seeing three houses and being exhausted by the heat, they will view ten houses and be ready for more. Their attitude is one of hunter…and they are seriously taking aim at homes for sale in their price range and desired neighborhood. The majority of them are ready to pull the trigger on a home purchase.
In the same vein, sellers during this season are very serious as well. They are counting the costs of holding a home over the winter season. In many cases, they have moved on to their next home and want to be done with their for sale home. Not so done that they will ‘give’ their home away, but done enough to entertain a good offer. If they haven’t moved on yet, sellers would also like to be settled somewhere new by the holidays.
September and October are great months to shop for a new place for the holiday decorations. Do you have a fireplace on which you believe someone else would love to hang their Christmas stockings? Or are you looking for that new dining room where you can host the family for Thanksgiving?
Give me a call—buyers and sellers are both quite serious in September.
Deb McNeill
I list and sell homes in Fort Worth, Haslet, Keller, Trophy Club, Denton, and DFW areas.
Call me today 817-798-2420 

Haslet Homes for Sale, Fort Worth Homes for Sale

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