Why Working with A Buyer’s Agent is a Good Idea

A Buyer’s Agent will help you find the right nest

Why Working with A Buyer’s Agent is a Good Idea…

A gentleman called recently asking to see one of my listings. In the course of our conversation, the gentleman revealed he was working with several real estate agents. In fact, all he wanted to do was work with the agent listing the property he was curious about. He had, he said, bought and sold a number of properties. All he wanted to do was look at properties when he was ready to look at them. Who ever wasn’t on the golf course and was ready to show at a moment’s notice was his guy or gal. (Those were all his words, people.)

Let me tell you why working with a buyer’s agent is a good idea.

1. A agent gives you—the buyer—someone to advocate for you. When I’m working with a client, they get the very best of my opinions, experience, and knowledge. I will do by dead level best to keep them out of harm’s way and well on their way to a great deal. In the above story, the gentleman is not my client. He will be completely unrepresented in the purchase transaction.

2. Working with one agent allows the agent to get a feel for what you really like and want in a new home. With some clients it takes going into a few homes before they realize what they really want or don’t want in a home. If you are skipping around from agent to agent, those agents aren’t getting the entire picture. It will make your home search harder and more frustrating.

3. The true depth of what an agent will do for you the buyer is shown after you’ve fallen in love with a property and make an offer on it. The agent will negotiate in your behalf, oversee the process to closing, and remind you of all the things you need to do before getting the keys to a new home.

4. Hey, don’t forget—Any commissions earned by an agent helping you purchase a home are paid by the sellers. It costs you nothing to retain my buyer agent services. Free. Who can beat that deal? An advocate for free. Seriously, you are going to pass up on a deal like that?

Why is it a good idea to work with a buyer’s agent?

It’s the smart thing to do.

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