Landscape Lighting Refresh–A quick DIY project

My landscape lighting was looking blah. I never was overly crazy about the original finish, but time, the sun, and weather had added further blahness. So when I happened to be in the paint section of Home Depot the other day I picked up a can of Rustoleum Hammered Copper spray paint. For a total of about $7, I gave my lights some new pizzaz.


It’s easy to do. Give the metal light cover a swipe or two with a damp cloth to clean any dust or dirt off. Allow to dry. The truly inspired might take some sandpaper to the metal to provide better ‘tooth’ for the paint to grip. I didn’t. Just be sure you clean the dust off before painting.
I used a styrofoam cup (a large from Sonic minus the cherry Dr Pepper) to cover the actual light and glass. Just cut the bottom out and slip the cup over the glass. Keep some newspaper or cardboard handy to deflect spray paint from plants or the ground.

Give the metal a solid coat and allow to dry completely. You’ll want to give them a second coat because, if you are like me, you missed a spot or two with the first one.


Will it last forever? Nope. But it will give new freshness to the lights I was tired of…I’ll get a few more years from these this way.

What are you refreshing and reusing today?

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