Making Your North Texas Vacant Home For Sale Easy to Love

I spent a couple of evenings last week taking some delightful first time home buyers through various houses for sale in north Texas. I’m sorry to say many of those listings looked and felt so unloved. My client (an experienced commercial interior designer) could see potential, but not everyone has her eye. By the way, we were NOT looking at foreclosures or distressed properties.

Here’s a couple of tips for helping a vacant listing look loved…

1. Keep the A/C on…which means keeping the electricity on. Temps are soaring in north Texas and if the A/C isn’t on, buyers aren’t going to spend much time in the sweltering house. Set the thermostat on 80 degrees if you must, but keep the air on. The sweet, cool air indoors is a welcome contrast to the oppressive heat bouncing off the driveway. It’s also terrific to be able to flip a light switch and LIGHT up a dark room.

2. Clean. Can a house ever be too clean? If there’s been an estate sale come back in and clean up the trash. Wipe the counters, the window sills, and the blinds. Go by once a week and sweep the porches of leaves, dead bugs, and door flyers.

3. Freshen the decor. A few bucks in paint can make a marvelous difference in a place. New flooring, blinds, and appliances will be noticed and appreciated…and possibly offered on.

4. Up the curb appeal. Water the grass in the summer, then keep it mowed. PUt a seasonal wreath on the door. Plant a few flowers.

5. Stage. Just a few items on the mantle, a table and chairs in the breakfast area, or a lamp on a table in the bedroom says ‘this is a place to live.’  A small radio tuned to a classic rock or easy listening station adds a welcoming touch–just keep the volume low.

Vacant houses often seem forlorn. By following the above tips, the home will give the buyer an impression of care. Hey, if the owners are still taking care of the place even though they aren’t living there, then they probably took good care of it when it was occupied, too.

My buyer?…She and her husband chose a charming home in Denton…although vacant, it had electricity, A/C, fresh carpet and paint. The owner made the house easy to imagine living in. Isn’t that the point?

Got at vacant (or soon to be vacant) home in Keller, Haslet, Saginaw, Trophy Club, or Southlake? Tim and Deb are experienced selling agents. Let them help you make the home so lovable, someone falls in love at first sight.

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